An open-source library for reduced-density matrix-based analysis and computation
How to Use

The present implementation of the OpenRDM project is packaged as a static library. It can be easily consumed by a host project via the CMake build system generator. To do so, after the installation of OpenRDM in, let's say, /home/OpenRDM directory, add the following commands to the CMakeLists.txt file in the root directory of the host (target) software:

1 # Set the openrdm_DIR variable to the OpenRDM's "openrdmConfig.cmake" config file address
2 set(openrdm_DIR "/home/OpenRDM/build/stage/share/cmake/openrdm")
4 # Find the OpenRDM library
5 find_package(openrdm CONFIG REQUIRED)
7 # Add the following to see whether OpenRDM is found by find_package()
8 if(openrdm_FOUND)
9  message(STATUS "OpenRDM (${openrdm_VERSION}) is found in: ${openrdm_DIR}")
10  # Link the OpenRDM to the target project
11  target_link_libraries(${PROJECT_NAME} PRIVATE openrdm::openrdm)
12 endif()

Let us know on Slack or open an issue on the main page of the OpenRDM repository should you have any problems or need any assistance regarding to the OpenRDM project.